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405 + Dwarf Names That Will Elevate Your Fantasy Worldbuilding

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Dwarf names are an important part of building a compelling dwarf character for fantasy worlds and roleplaying games. When chosen well, a dwarf name can suggest key traits about a character’s personality, background, values and more.

This guide will provide tips on how to select great dwarf names, along with examples to spark your creativity.

What Makes a Good Dwarf Name?

A good dwarf name typically has:

  • Guttural and harsh sounds – Names with ‘k’, ‘g’, ‘z’ or a strong ‘r’ sound work well. E.g. Kazrak, Gorunn.
  • Links to nature or minerals – Many dwarf names reference gems, metals, stones. E.g Ruby, Silveraxe.
  • Short length – Dwarf names tend to be only 1-4 syllables. E.g. Durn, Karn, Zirak.
Trait Example Names
Guttural, Harsh Sounds Kazrak, Gorunn
Nature/Mineral Links Ruby, Silveraxe
Short Length Durn, Karn, Zirak

Types of Dwarf Names:

There are a few common types of dwarf names found in fantasy works:

Given Names: A dwarf’s personal first name. E.g. Durin, Thorin.

Clan/Family Names: Indicates which clan or family a dwarf belongs to. E.g. Longbeard, Ironfist.

Nicknames: An additional name earned from a dwarf’s appearance, personality or exploits. E.g. Bronzebeard, Steelhammer.

Patronymic Names: Identifies the father’s name. E.g. Fundinul – meaning ‘Fundin’s son’.

Sources of Inspiration:

Here are some great sources to find new dwarf names:

  • Old Norse: Many classic dwarf names are drawn from Old Norse. E.g. Andvari, Alfrigg.
  • Minerals/Gems: Orebodies, precious metals and stones. E.g. Copperborne, Jetstone.
  • Mountains & Strongholds: Mountain ranges or dwarf strongholds. E.g. Iron Hills, Nordinbad.
  • Weapons & Armor: Axes, hammers, armor materials. E.g. Silveraxe, Ironhelm.
  • Occupations: Jobs and skills of dwarves. E.g. Coalburner, Gemcutter.
  • Adjectives: Descriptors suggesting key traits. E.g. Sturdy, Swiftaxe.

Dwarf Naming Tips:

Keep these tips in mind when naming your dwarf character:

  • Match name to personality – Let their name reflect their key trait. E.g. a fierce warrior dwarf named ‘Grimblood’.
  • Consider meanings – Old Norse names often have cool meanings to suit dwarves. E.g. ‘Andvari’ means ‘careful one’.
  • Make names guttural – Harsh, strong sounds suit the tough nature of dwarves. E.g ‘Krazzak’.
  • Keep it short – Long names feel less fitting for the practical dwarf folk. E.g. ‘Durn’.
  • Show clan/family pride – Dwarves greatly value their lineage. E.g. ‘Feldspar of the Copperbornes’.
  • Add fitting nicknames – Let them earn a descriptor that reflects an achievement. E.g. ‘Orc-Bane’, ‘Elf-Friend’.

Examples of Dwarf Names:

Male: Durin, Thorin, Bombur, Gloin, Oin, Dwalin, Balin, Dain, Thrain, Thror, Nain

Female: Dís, Hrúna, Vár, Saga, Eir, Dagmær, Aesa

Clans/Families: Longbeard, Broadbeam, Ironfist, Bronzebeard, Stonefoot

Nicknames: Orc-Bane, Steelhammer, Lava-tooth, Gemheart


Lets take a look at some of the Dwarf Names that you can use:

Fantasy Worlds:

The cinematic image of a fantasy world known for its dwarven inhabitants has been created. It showcases the breathtaking landscape and the architectural marvels that hint at the presence of dwarves, capturing the magic and grandeur of their world.

The Hobbit Dwarf Names:

In the universe of The Hobbit, dwarf names carry a rich history and a deep connection to their lineage and craft. These characters are known for their bravery, skill in battle, and proficiency in mining and smithing. Their names often reflect their rugged landscapes and the ancient dwarvish language.

  • Balin Firebeard
  • Dwalin Ironfoot
  • Fili Stonehelm
  • Kili Axebearer
  • Oin Hammerhand
  • Gloin Silvervein
  • Bifur Metalbender
  • Bofur Goldfinder
  • Bombur Strongarm
  • Thorin Oakenshield

Lord Of The Rings Dwarf Names:

In the epic saga of Lord of the Rings, dwarf names symbolize the valor and the enduring legacy of this stout-hearted race. These dwarves are celebrated for their craftsmanship, love for precious stones, and formidable combat skills, standing as steadfast allies in the face of darkness.

  • Gimli Lockbearer
  • Durin Shadowbane
  • Thrain Battlehammer
  • Dain Ironfist
  • Nori Stoneshaper
  • Ori Runekeeper
  • Fundin Bluecloak
  • Groin Shieldbreaker
  • Thrar Stonefist
  • Nain Deepaxe

Lotr Dwarf Names:

Dwarf names in LOTR embody the spirit and the unyielding nature of their people. Each name carries tales of ancient wars, deep mines, and the everlasting hunt for treasure, underscoring their place in the Middle-earth’s tapestry of races.

  • Borin Silverbrow
  • Farin Frostbeard
  • Gror Gemheart
  • Thror Goldhelm
  • Frerin Earthguard
  • Narvi Starforge
  • Loni Darkdelver
  • Dori Brightblade
  • Norin Fireforge
  • Sigin-tarâg Hammerfist

World Of Warcraft Dwarf Names:

In the expansive world of World of Warcraft, dwarf names resonate with the lore and the majestic landscapes of Azeroth. These dwarves are renowned adventurers, explorers, and warriors, contributing their formidable prowess to the Alliance’s cause.

  • Brann Bronzebeard
  • Muradin Stormpike
  • Falstad Wildhammer
  • Kurdran Skyhammer
  • Thargas Anvilmar
  • Moira Thaurissan
  • Hjalmar Ironforge
  • Yorg Stormheart
  • Magni Diamondheart
  • Aggralan Moltenfury

Wow Dwarf Names:

WoW dwarves boast names that reflect their heroic deeds, ancient origins, and the mystical powers they wield. From the icy peaks of Dun Morogh to the fiery depths of Blackrock Depths, these characters embody the resilience and the indomitable spirit of their race.

  • Baelgun Flamebeard
  • Vanndar Stormpike
  • Skaldor Runeborn
  • Fargus Deepforge
  • Olfgar Steelbar
  • Reghar Earthfury
  • Tormak Stoutarm
  • Khardros Wildhammer
  • Jorin Deadeye
  • Gromthar Hammerwrath

Wow Dark Iron Dwarf Names:

The Dark Iron Dwarves of World of Warcraft have names that echo their tumultuous history, their mastery over fire and metal, and their unbreakable will. Once enemies, now allies, their names signify their powerful stature and deep connection to the dark arts and the molten underworld.

  • Sorcerer-thane Thaurissan
  • Dagran Thaurissan
  • Moira Bronzebeard
  • Anvil Thane Thurgaden
  • Forgeguard Haldor
  • Emberlord Zuluhed
  • Ironthane Balgorn
  • Shadowforge Torunn
  • Flamekeeper Verroth
  • Moltenfist Arnak

Disney Dwarf Names:

Disney’s Snow White introduced us to dwarf names that have since become iconic, symbolizing the endearing and distinct personalities of each character. These names are synonymous with traits like diligence, cheerfulness, and kindness, alongside a timeless sense of adventure and camaraderie.

  • Doc
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Bashful
  • Sneezy
  • Dopey

Snow White Dwarf Names:

In Snow White, the dwarf names are not just identifiers but a glimpse into their personalities and roles within their cottage. They reflect the simplicity and the essence of each character, from the leader to the most innocent among them.

  • Doc
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Bashful
  • Sneezy
  • Dopey

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Dwarf Names:

The names of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are emblematic of their traits and the universal archetypes they represent. These names have charmed generations, showcasing the timeless appeal of their characters and the story they belong to.

  • Doc
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Bashful
  • Sneezy
  • Dopey

Sleeping Beauty Dwarf Names:

While Sleeping Beauty does not feature dwarfs in its narrative, the enchanting world of Disney often leads fans to associate iconic dwarf names with its various tales, imagining characters that could inhabit its magical realms.

  • Eldric Dreamsmith
  • Rowan Spellweaver
  • Alaric Shadowbane
  • Cedric Moonsong
  • Ferrin Starwatcher
  • Beric Sunblade
  • Galen Lightfoot
  • Orrin Nightwalker
  • Thistle Beardweaver
  • Bramble Heartwood

Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Dwarf Names:

The Magic Kingdom Parking Lot might not host dwarfs, but if it did, their names would surely capture the magic and whimsy of Disney’s realm. These names would evoke the spirit of adventure, wonder, and the joy of discovery that greets every visitor.

  • Carlin Wheelrunner
  • Trolly McParkface
  • Lane Swiftgear
  • Spot Marker
  • Trammy McRide
  • Queue Linefoot
  • Ticket Stubbeard
  • Passholder Goldkey
  • Shuttle McBusface
  • Mapmy Wayfinder

Dragon Age Dwarf Names:

In the rich lore of Dragon Age, dwarf names reflect their complex society, deep-rooted traditions, and the intricate politics of the dwarven kingdoms. Known for their craftsmanship, political intrigue, and resilience, these dwarves hold names that are as multifaceted as their culture.

  • Varric Tethras
  • Bhelen Aeducan
  • Gorim Saelac
  • Oghren Kondrat
  • Dagna Arcanist
  • Rica Brosca
  • Harrowmont
  • Endrin Aeducan
  • Balin Aeducan
  • Sigrun

Dungeons And Dragons Dwarf Names:

In the vast universe of Dungeons and Dragons, dwarf names are steeped in the lore of the game, drawing from a rich tapestry of cultures and histories. These names, whether borne by player characters or NPCs, resonate with power, ancient heritage, and the unyielding courage of the dwarven people.

  • Thibbledorf Pwent
  • Bruenor Battlehammer
  • Moradin Soulforger
  • Kili Firebeard
  • Fili Axebreaker
  • Drizzt Do’Urden
  • Elminster Aumar
  • Tauriel Lightfoot
  • Gandalf Greyhelm
  • Aragorn Stonebow

Forgotten Realms Dwarf Names:

Forgotten Realms, a cornerstone of D&D lore, is home to dwarf names that echo through its history and myths. These names signify honor, tradition, and the eternal bond between the dwarves and their ancestral halls beneath the earth.

  • Alustriel Silverhand
  • Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun
  • Catti-brie Windrider
  • Wulfgar Son of Beornegar
  • Regis the Halfling
  • Artemis Entreri
  • Jarlaxle Baenre
  • Gromph Baenre
  • Zaknafein Do’Urden
  • Yvonnel Baenre

Eberron Dwarf Names:

In the world of Eberron, dwarf names reflect the unique blend of magic and technology that defines this setting. From the icy peaks of the Mror Holds to the bustling streets of Sharn, these names embody the adventurous spirit and the innovative minds of the dwarves.

  • Kundarak Bankholder
  • Sivis Messagebearer
  • Laranak Firestone
  • Tharashk Hunter
  • Durnam Stonecutter
  • Boromar Smuggler
  • Cannith Inventor
  • Jorasco Healer
  • Ghallanda Host
  • Medani Seer

Discworld Dwarf Names:

Discworld’s dwarves, crafted by the legendary Sir Terry Pratchett, carry names that often play on words, reflecting their humorous outlook, their societal roles, and the satirical nature of the Discworld series. These dwarves are as likely to wield a witty retort as they are a battle-axe.

  • Carrot Ironfoundersson
  • Cheery Littlebottom
  • Rhys Rhysson
  • Casanunda
  • Detritus
  • Mr. Shine
  • Adora Belle Dearheart
  • Moist von Lipwig
  • Sam Vimes
  • Rincewind

Pillars Of Eternity Dwarf Names:

In the world of Pillars of Eternity, dwarf names capture the essence of their strong will, their connection to the past, and their relentless pursuit of knowledge and power. These names resonate with the depth of the lore and the complexity of the game’s narrative.

  • Edér Teylecg
  • Aloth Corfiser
  • Kana Rua
  • Durance
  • Pallegina Mes Rèi
  • Sagani
  • Grieving Mother
  • Hiravias
  • Zahua
  • Maneha

Types and Classes:

The image depicting the various types and classes of dwarves in their respective environments has been created. It visually communicates the diversity and expertise of dwarven culture within a fantasy setting, without the use of any names or text.

Dark Iron Dwarf Names:

Dark Iron Dwarves embody the resilience and fiery spirit of their clan. Known for their dark smithing and mastery over fire and metal, their names exude power, toughness, and the fiery essence of their homeland deep within the molten depths.

  • Sorin Emberblade
  • Drakon Forgeheart
  • Bruni Moltenfist
  • Grunthor Smeltson
  • Fergas Flamehair
  • Helgar Firebeard
  • Kurgan Ironshadow
  • Thelgrim Sootbeard
  • Varron Darkanvil
  • Mordrim Thunderforge

Mountain Dwarf Names:

Mountain Dwarves are the epitome of endurance and strength. Their names are carved from the very peaks they inhabit, reflecting their unbreakable connection to stone and earth, their prowess in battle, and their legendary crafting skills.

  • Durik Stonebrow
  • Harald Graniteheart
  • Torin Peakwarden
  • Arnor Cliffguard
  • Baldur Rockfist
  • Gromril Hammerfall
  • Thraindor Mountainshield
  • Borri Skyminer
  • Jorund Ironmount
  • Regnar Deepvein

Hill Dwarf Names:

Hill Dwarves are known for their adaptability and connection to the rolling landscapes they call home. Their names are reminiscent of the verdant hillsides, rich mines, and the bounteous nature that surrounds them, embodying their spirit of exploration and community.

  • Durnn Meadowwalker
  • Fili Greenforge
  • Kili Hilltopper
  • Nori Earthfinder
  • Oin Leafbeard
  • Gloin Vinebrewer
  • Sigin Tulipgrower
  • Bofur Thistlebender
  • Bombur Barleyloaf
  • Balin Sunseeker

Gold Dwarf Names:

Gold Dwarves are distinguished by their opulence, their mastery over wealth, and their ambitious nature. Their names shimmer with the lustre of gold and precious stones, reflecting their status, their regal demeanor, and their unparalleled skill in jewelry making and gem cutting.

  • Aurik Goldvein
  • Mithrik Shimmerstone
  • Rurik Jewelbrow
  • Thargrim Goldfinger
  • Gildan Aurumsmith
  • Dravin Goldspire
  • Harbek Richmound
  • Kurdan Glitteraxe
  • Torek Splendorhelm
  • Balgus Goldenforge

Shield Dwarf Names:

Shield Dwarves stand as stalwart defenders of their realms, known for their martial prowess and their indomitable will. Their names are as solid and reliable as the shields they bear, symbolizing their role as protectors of their people and their ancestral traditions.

  • Thordrin Guardbearer
  • Bromgar Shieldmaster
  • Ulfar Ironwall
  • Dagnar Shieldbiter
  • Hurgar the Steadfast
  • Falkrin Braceshield
  • Grunthar Wardson
  • Vondal Lifeguard
  • Morgran Hardblock
  • Kargen Shieldfist

Dark Dwarf Names:

Dark Dwarves, often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, bear names that reflect their affinity for the shadows and the darker arts. Known for their stealth, their cunning, and sometimes their malevolent intentions, these dwarves navigate the world through guile and sharp intellect.

  • Skirnir Shadowforge
  • Dalmir Nightaxe
  • Bruni Gloomblade
  • Norgrim Darkhelm
  • Thelmar Underbrow
  • Halmir Shadowstep
  • Vondal Darkdelver
  • Grendar Murkhammer
  • Falgrim Sneakbeard
  • Keldorn Dimshield

Female Dwarf Names:

Female Dwarves carry names that are as strong and dignified as their male counterparts, often reflecting the rich cultural heritage and the powerful roles they play within their societies. These names resonate with beauty, strength, and the deep respect they command.

  • Helja Ironhand
  • Brynja Fireforge
  • Dagna Stonecutter
  • Astrid Silvervein
  • Erika Goldheart
  • Greta Thundershield
  • Frida Emberfound
  • Sigrid Deepmine
  • Ingrid Frostbeard
  • Ylva Shadowbrew

Male Dwarf Names:

Male Dwarves bear names that signify their valor, their ancestral lineage, and their esteemed place within dwarf society. From warriors to craftsmen, their names are badges of honor, reflecting their prowess, their loyalty, and their enduring legacy.

  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Dwalin Broadback
  • Balin Firebeard
  • Kili Sharpshooter
  • Fili Axebearer
  • Gloin Hammerhand
  • Oin Forgefather
  • Bifur Coalheart
  • Bofur Goldfinder
  • Bombur Strongarm

Funny Female Dwarf Names:

Funny Female Dwarf Names blend humor with the characteristic hardiness of dwarves. These names often play on words, bringing a lighter touch to the traditional dwarven demeanor while still honoring their strength and resilience.

  • Snori Gigglebeard
  • Bruna Chucklestone
  • Lotti Laughterhelm
  • Gilda Giggleshield
  • Dora Drinkale
  • Fritzi Frothfinder
  • Helgi Hiccups
  • Pippa Pintpot
  • Tilda Titteraxe
  • Marni Mirthmount

Girl Dwarf Names:

Girl Dwarf Names embody the spirit of dwarf women, showcasing their courage, their heart, and their unyielding strength. These names, while distinctly feminine, carry the weight of dwarven heritage and the power of their ancient lineage.

  • Eirin Stoneheart
  • Lara Goldwoven
  • Nessa Silverhand
  • Tove Gemeye
  • Hilda Hearthwarmer
  • Birgit Ironbraid
  • Siv Marblefoot
  • Karin Copperkettle
  • Anja Frostforge
  • Runa Embermaid

Paladin Dwarf Names:

Paladin Dwarves are holy warriors, imbued with divine power to uphold justice and righteousness. Their names resonate with the sacred duty they bear, reflecting their unwavering faith, their courage in battle, and their commitment to protecting their kin and creed.

  • Baldur Lightbringer
  • Thoradin Sunshield
  • Heimdall Guardstone
  • Uther Lightaxe
  • Galen Faithhammer
  • Aric Holyforge
  • Tormund Piousblade
  • Gregor Divinehold
  • Kaelin Silverfaith
  • Durik Virtueward

Druid Dwarf Names:

Druid Dwarves, though rare, are deeply connected to the natural world, drawing on its power to protect and nurture life. Their names are intertwined with the elements, flora, and fauna, symbolizing their role as guardians of nature and the balance they strive to maintain.

  • Bran Oakenspirit
  • Faldor Leafbeard
  • Elan Earthroot
  • Gorlois Wildbloom
  • Tarn Mossbeard
  • Cavan Stonegrove
  • Berinon Thunderoak
  • Darrak Wildriver
  • Lyrus Greenpeak
  • Morgran Sunleaf

Dwarven Cultures:

The image capturing the essence of dwarven cultures in a fantasy setting has been created, showcasing their traditions, crafts, and way of life through a detailed and atmospheric scene.

Norse Dwarf Names:

In the sagas and tales of Norse mythology, dwarves are often depicted as master craftsmen, creators of some of the gods’ greatest treasures. Norse dwarf names evoke the harsh, mystical landscapes of the north, their profound skills in smithing, and their magical origins.

  • Dvalin Runeforge
  • Alvis Stonemason
  • Sindri Goldcraft
  • Brokk Ironfounder
  • Eitri Silverhand
  • Galar Deepdelve
  • Fjalar Redbeard
  • Bruni Brightforge
  • Lofar Stonecarve
  • Nyrad Gemcutter

Warhammer Dwarf Names:

In the grim, war-torn world of Warhammer, dwarves (or Dwarfs, as they are known) are stout warriors and exceptional smiths, their names as legendary as their deeds. These names ring with the echoes of ancient battles, the glory of their holds, and their unbreakable oaths.

  • Gotrek Gurnisson
  • Grombrindal The White Dwarf
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer
  • Ungrim Ironfist
  • Belegar Ironhammer
  • Kazador Dragonslayer
  • Snorri Nosebiter
  • Thorek Ironbrow
  • Kragg The Grim
  • Hargar Ironaxe

Wildhammer Dwarf Names:

Wildhammer Dwarves, distinct within the World of Warcraft universe, are known for their bond with griffons and their expertise in air combat. Their names often reflect their rugged lifestyle, their affinity for nature, and their prowess in the skies.

  • Kurdran Wildhammer
  • Falstad Wildhammer
  • Thane Thaurissan
  • Skald Cloudsweeper
  • Drukan Stormwing
  • Gorfax Hammerthorn
  • Morogh Featherkeeper
  • Aerin Skyhammer
  • Rurik Eagleheart
  • Torgar Windrider

Specific Contexts or Games:

The cinematic image reflecting a dwarf's world from specific contexts or games has been crafted, bringing to life their unique environment and the essence of their adventures, craftsmanship, and battles.

5e Dwarf Names:

In the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, dwarf names continue to draw from a rich heritage of lore, reflecting their hardiness, their ancestral pride, and their formidable presence both in battle and in peace.

  • Thundar Bouldershoulder
  • Beradin Forgefire
  • Carlin Steelanvil
  • Drongar Stonetoe
  • Garumn Granitefist
  • Harbek Barrelchest
  • Kildrak Ironwhisker
  • Norixius Craftbeard
  • Oskar Thunderrune
  • Rurik Hammerfall

3.5 Dwarf Names:

The 3.5 Edition of D&D featured dwarves with names that harken back to traditional fantasy elements, embodying the timeless nature of these stout folk in a world of magic and mystery.

  • Dorin Axebreaker
  • Farin Frostaxe
  • Gorin Silvervein
  • Harburk Tuthmarillar
  • Kargien Dissengulp
  • Mardin Overhammer
  • Nalik Longbeard
  • Orsik Ironfist
  • Throtgar Steelshadow
  • Urgon Wyrmcarver

Pathfinder Dwarf Names:

In Pathfinder, dwarf names encapsulate the depth of their race’s lore within the game, blending classic fantasy with unique elements specific to the Pathfinder universe.

  • Dolgrin Gravelgut
  • Grunyar Ironhew
  • Harsk Ironhand
  • Kragg Blackshield
  • Lini Greenbottle
  • Oloch Shieldcrusher
  • Rurik Battlehammer
  • Sigrun Fireforge
  • Tordek Rumnaheim
  • Valeros Strongarm

Dwarf Fortress Dwarf Names:

Dwarf Fortress presents a complex simulation where dwarf names are procedurally generated, reflecting the game’s deep mechanics and the individual stories that unfold within its unpredictable world.

  • Urist McMiner
  • Doren Copperkettle
  • Meng Bridgebreaker
  • Kogan Metalshaper
  • Ingiz Tombmaker
  • Reg Minedeep
  • Zefon Bookkeeper
  • Lorbam Craftword
  • Erush Channelwater
  • Deduk Ringcutter

Character Traits:

The image capturing the character traits typical of dwarves in fantasy lore has been created, showcasing their resilience, courage, and craftsmanship within a dramatic and atmospheric scene.

Good Dwarf Names:

Good dwarf names resonate with the noble qualities of their bearers, highlighting their virtues, their steadfastness, and their benevolent deeds within their communities and beyond.

  • Balin Justheart
  • Thorin Trueaxe
  • Fili Nobleforge
  • Kili Lightfoot
  • Dwalin Honorblade
  • Gloin Kindshield
  • Oin Wisebeard
  • Bifur Loyalmount
  • Bofur Braveheart
  • Bombur Stoutfriend

Funny Dwarf Names:

Funny dwarf names bring a touch of humor and light-heartedness to the often stoic and serious demeanor of dwarven culture, showcasing their capacity for joy and laughter.

  • Snorri Laughsunder
  • Grumpy McStoutbelly
  • Dizzy Ironwhisker
  • Burpy Slumberstone
  • Chuckle Beardbraid
  • Giggles Stonetoe
  • Jolly Deepbrew
  • Tipsy Goldpint
  • Mirthful Ironbender
  • Whimsy Silvertoe

Random Dwarf Names:

Random dwarf names embody the diverse aspects of dwarven life, from their daily toils to their grandest adventures, reflecting the unpredictability and the richness of their culture.

  • Durgin Shadowback
  • Nalgi Firefist
  • Brumbor Axeshaper
  • Thimbur Silverpick
  • Grommash Beerbelly
  • Halgrin Earthshaker
  • Fargrim Stoneplait
  • Urgok Brewmaster
  • Wulfgar Frostbeard
  • Krag Steelgrip

Short Dwarf Names:

Short dwarf names, concise and to the point, mirror the straightforward nature of dwarves themselves, embodying their pragmatism and their strength in a few stout syllables.

  • Brak
  • Grit
  • Dorn
  • Flint
  • Bark
  • Nock
  • Skir
  • Thud
  • Clank
  • Muck

Mythical Dwarf Names:

Mythical dwarf names draw from the deep wells of folklore and legend, evoking the mystical and the majestic aspects of dwarven history and the fantastical realms they inhabit.

  • Durin Shadowforge
  • Moradin Soulsmith
  • Sif Silverhair
  • Thrain Dreamweaver
  • Alrik Fablehammer
  • Borin Mythheart
  • Grendel Earthrune
  • Haldor Starbeard
  • Jotunn Frostbound
  • Volund Wisesmith

Fantasy Dwarf Names:

Fantasy dwarf names encapsulate the essence of dwarfkind across various realms of fiction, showcasing their adventurous spirit, their deep connections to the earth, and their legendary feats of engineering and combat.

  • Garin Thunderbrow
  • Thundor Ironclad
  • Berinon Oakshield
  • Faldor Stonewarden
  • Hurgon Wildhammer
  • Keldorn Fireforge
  • Lunn Silveraxe
  • Morgran Deepdelver
  • Norin Goldfinder
  • Ragnor Skyforge

Main Takeaways:

  • Good dwarf names use guttural sounds, nature/mineral links and are short in length.
  • Major types of names include given, clan, nickname and patronymic names.
  • Old Norse, minerals, mountains, weapons and occupations make great inspirations.
  • Personality, meanings, brevity and lineage are important factors to consider.
  • Following these dwarf naming tips will help you create distinctive, meaningful names.

So in summary, putting thought into a dwarf character’s name by drawing from these sources and tips will allow you to reflect their background and personality in a creative way.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the perfect dwarf name allows you to set the right tone for your fantasy dwarf character right from the start. Use the inspiration sources and naming tips covered in this guide to develop distinctive and meaningful names that embody your characters and bring them to life on the page or in gameplay.

So tap into your inner fantasy dwarf culture and get naming! Bring on the mighty Bronzebeards, the courageous Orc-Banes and the ingenious Gemcutters. Just be sure to make their names as bold and gritty as dwarves themselves!




What are some popular Dwarf Names?

Popular Dwarf Names include Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Fili, and Kili. These names are well-known due to their appearances in famous fantasy literature and games.

How do I choose a Dwarf Name for my character?

When choosing a Dwarf Name, consider the character’s traits, such as their strength, profession, or personality. Names like “Ironfist” or “Strongbeard” can add depth to your character’s backstory.

Are there female Dwarf Names?

Yes, there are female Dwarf Names. Examples include Helja, Brynja, Dagna, and Astrid. Female Dwarf Names often carry the same strength and heritage as male names.

Can Dwarf Names be used in any fantasy setting?

Absolutely! Dwarf Names are versatile and can be used in a variety of fantasy settings, from traditional medieval landscapes to more modern fantasy worlds.

Where can I find inspiration for Dwarf Names?

Inspiration for Dwarf Names can be found in Norse mythology, fantasy literature (like “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”), Dungeons & Dragons, and various fantasy video games.

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The cinematic image inspired by the essence of a Dwarf Name Generator has been created, capturing the mystical forge and the atmosphere of creation. Explore the scene to immerse yourself in the deep lore and craftsmanship of dwarves.
Fantasy and Mythology

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The image capturing the essence of a Drow Name Generator, set in a mysterious underground realm, has been generated. It visually portrays the dark beauty and mystique of the Drow culture as they gather around an ancient, rune-etched stone circle, without including any explicit letters, numbers, or names.
Fantasy and Mythology

#1 Drow Name Generator – Unlimited Name Generations