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The Dwarf Name Generator is a useful tool for writers, game masters, and anyone looking to bring some fantasy flair into their world building. With the generator, you can quickly create unique and fitting names for dwarf characters in novels, campaigns like Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and more.

What is a Dwarf Name Generator:

A dwarf name generator is an online tool that automatically generates names that would suit a dwarf character. The names pull inspiration from old Norse, Celtic, Germanic, and Tolkien dwarf names found in mythologies and fictional works.


  • Saves time over manually creating names
  • Provides inspiration if stuck when naming characters
  • Creates names fitting for the fantasy dwarf archetype


  • Lacks personalization compared to manually created names
  • Need to filter out awkward or hard to pronounce names

Here are some pro tips when using a dwarf name generator:

  • Adjust the settings to match naming conventions in your world
  • Reroll several times to find the perfect name
  • Say names out loud to test pronunciability

Dwarf Naming Conventions:

Dwarf names often have harsher, guttural sounds like the Germanic and Norse languages. They tend to be short, rarely more than three syllables.

Common Name Structures Example Names
Alliterative (repeating sounds) Durin Dainsson
Rhyming Fimbul Winterbeard
Descriptive phrases Thorin Oakenshield

Female dwarf names are often variations of male names with an -a or -i ending.

Check out the type of awesome names that you can create with our Dwarf Name Generators:

D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) Related:

a cinematic image inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, capturing an epic adventure scene. Feel free to explore the landscape and let your imagination dive into the story it tells.

Dnd Dwarf Name Generator:

When you’re deep in the heart of a D&D campaign, nothing sets the tone like a well-chosen name for your dwarf character. Imagine your dwarf, stout and fearless, with a name that echoes through the halls of stone kingdoms. A name that embodies strength, honor, and a touch of mystery. Here, the essence of ancient runes and the clank of forged armor come alive.

  • Borin Granitehammer
  • Durnar Forgefire
  • Krag Steelbeard
  • Thrain Ironfist
  • Grunthar Hammerfall
  • Fargrim Stonebrow
  • Harbek Earthguard
  • Bruni Axebreaker
  • Orik Stormaxe
  • Tordek Frostbeard

D&D Dwarf Name Generator:

In the realms of D&D, your dwarf’s name is more than just a label. It’s a legacy. It speaks to their family’s history, their craftsman’s skill, or their warrior’s prowess. A good name can intimidate enemies and inspire allies, all before a single axe is swung or spell is cast.

  • Balin Deepforge
  • Durik Battlehammer
  • Harald Goldfinder
  • Morgran Shieldsmasher
  • Zorn Silvervein
  • Gorm Iceheart
  • Nalik Earthshaker
  • Ulfgar Firebeard
  • Sigrun Mithrilhand
  • Eberk Shadowbane

Dnd 5E Dwarf Name Generator:

In the 5th Edition of D&D, character creation is all about bringing your fantasy to life with vibrant details. A dwarf’s name in this edition could hint at their background, their quest, or the legends they aspire to fulfill. It’s a cornerstone of their identity, crucial for memorable role-playing.

  • Arin Copperkettle
  • Brondor Flintaxe
  • Drakthor Strongbrew
  • Gorim Silvermark
  • Jorund Ironclad
  • Throtgar Goldgrip
  • Kildrak Emberstout
  • Orsik Hardrock
  • Randar Thunderforge
  • Yurin Frostbeard

D&D 3.5 Dwarf Name Generator:

The 3.5 Edition of D&D offers a depth of customization that calls for names with gravitas. A dwarf’s name in this edition might reflect their ancient lineage, their martial achievements, or their craftsmanship. It’s a homage to the dwarves’ rich culture and indomitable spirit.

  • Dalin Stoneshaper
  • Fendir Mithrilbeard
  • Grendar Anvilbrow
  • Hurgon Foeslayer
  • Idris Hammerhand
  • Jarnrak Fieryheart
  • Korgon Stoutaxe
  • Lunnar Gemcutter
  • Mordrin Thunderbrow
  • Norin Shieldbiter

D&D 5E Dwarf Name Generator:

Fifth Edition D&D brings your dwarf character to life with a rich backstory and complex world-building. A name in this edition is a badge of honor, a symbol of strength, and a testament to the dwarf’s endurance. It’s the first step in crafting a tale that will be told for ages.

  • Agnar Forgefist
  • Bjornar Goldheart
  • Dagnar Rockfoot
  • Elmar Ironhand
  • Gromril Fireforge
  • Halgrin Earthmaster
  • Ingmar Soulforge
  • Jorgen Battleborn
  • Kundar Frostforge
  • Lothar Stonewarden

5E Dwarf Name Generator:

The 5th Edition focuses on bringing characters to life with storytelling and depth. A dwarf’s name here is a narrative in itself, hinting at epic quests and deep-rooted heritage. It’s about crafting a persona that feels as real as the person behind the character sheet.

  • Alfrik Shadowsmith
  • Bron Fireward
  • Darok Steelstrike
  • Erndar Goldvein
  • Framin Ironbraid
  • Grilka Forgeheart
  • Harnar Mountainson
  • Ismar Beardweaver
  • Jurin Axeminder
  • Krorin Hammerhand

World of Warcraft (WoW) Related:

 a cinematic image that brings to life an epic moment from the World of Warcraft universe, showcasing the grandeur of Azeroth and the thrilling clash of its factions. Dive into this fantasy world and let the adventure unfold.

Wow Dwarf Name Generator:

In the vast world of Warcraft, a dwarf’s name carries the weight of their clan’s history and the might of their personal deeds. It’s a reflection of their resilience, their passion for exploration, and their prowess in battle. These names are icons, remembered and revered across Azeroth.

  • Baelgun Lightforge
  • Dorin Thunderbrew
  • Falstad Wildhammer
  • Grim Thundergrip
  • Khaz Modanheart
  • Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Reghar Earthfury
  • Thargas Anvilmar
  • Valgar Highforge
  • Yorgen Stormpike

Wow Dark Iron Dwarf Name Generator:

Dark Iron dwarves, with their fiery hearts and steadfast wills, are a force to be reckoned with in Azeroth. Their names are as intense as the flames they wield, evoking their fierce independence, their deep-seated grudges, and their unparalleled smithing skills.

  • Baelgor Blackanvil
  • Drong Darkforge
  • Grendan Flamespire
  • Harkon Firebrand
  • Ivar Bloodaxe
  • Jorun Emberblade
  • Keldron Moltenfury
  • Morgran Smolderbeard
  • Ragnok Ironwrath
  • Zundar Blazemantle

World of Warcraft Dwarf Name Generator:

In World of Warcraft, a dwarf’s name is a testament to their valor, their adventures, and their place in the tapestry of this epic world. It speaks to the legends they’ve lived, the battles they’ve won, and the allies they’ve forged. It’s a banner under which they rally, a whisper of their legacy.

  • Aggonar Frosthammer
  • Brumir Stormshield
  • Dunwald Steelclash
  • Gorthan Wildaxe
  • Haldir Hammerwrath
  • Ironforge Stonemason
  • Jondal’ar Thunderkeg
  • Kurgan Ironshot
  • Lofar Heavyhand
  • Mordun Silverlock

Specific Dwarf Types:

The cinematic image capturing the essence of various specific types of dwarves has been created, each character showcasing the diverse and rich culture of dwarf society. Explore the grandeur of their hall and the unique traits that define them.

Female Dwarf Name Generator:

Female dwarves are renowned for their determination, their craftsmanship, and their battle prowess. Their names reflect their fierce spirits, their deep connections to the earth, and their roles as protectors of their kin. These names are a celebration of their strength and their grace.

  • Bruna Steelplait
  • Dagna Stonecleaver
  • Eirny Axewielder
  • Fjola Deepdelve
  • Gerta Goldsmith
  • Helga Ironbraid
  • Ingrid Forgeheart
  • Kari Brightaxe
  • Lona Earthwarden
  • Morna Hammerfall

Male Dwarf Name Generator:

Male dwarves, with their stalwart courage and unmatched skills in smithing and combat, are the backbone of dwarf societies. Their names are badges of honor, reflecting their ancestral deeds, their personal achievements, and their commitment to their clans.

  • Alaric Thanebearer
  • Broddi Battlefury
  • Cerdic Flamebeard
  • Durin Lorekeeper
  • Egil Ironhelm
  • Fafnir Hammerhand
  • Gunnar Stonemelder
  • Heimir Shieldbreaker
  • Isak Forgecaller
  • Jorund Ironmaker

Hill Dwarf Name Generator:

Hill dwarves, known for their connection to the land and their adeptness in agriculture alongside their traditional crafting skills, have names that echo the rolling landscapes they call home. These names hint at their resilience, their harmony with nature, and their earthy wisdom.

  • Bardun Hillwalker
  • Durnir Meadowguard
  • Eberk Greenstone
  • Fargrim Hillheart
  • Garin Earthsong
  • Harbek Grassbeard
  • Ivor Cliffbinder
  • Jorn Hillfounder
  • Keldric Soilbrewer
  • Lunn Soilbeard

Mountain Dwarf Name Generator:

Mountain dwarves stand as a testament to dwarfkind’s indomitable will and unbreakable spirit. Their names are as solid and enduring as the peaks they inhabit, symbolizing their strength, their mastery over stone and metal, and their legendary fortitude.

  • Arn Rockcarver
  • Berek Stormpeak
  • Dain Deepmountain
  • Gorm Granitefist
  • Halvar Highcrag
  • Kili Skyminer
  • Morin Shadowmount
  • Nori Peakwarden
  • Olin Thundermount
  • Thror Stonehelm

Dark Iron Dwarf Name Generator:

Dark Iron dwarves, with their mastery of fire and their secretive nature, have names that resonate with the power of the deep earth and the fierce flames they command. These names speak to their ancient grudges, their intense loyalty, and their unparalleled smithing abilities.

  • Argus Deepflame
  • Bruni Blacksmelt
  • Drak Ironbind
  • Ernd Blackforge
  • Grond Flameheart
  • Harn Forgefire
  • Ignar Coalbeard
  • Jark Smolderiron
  • Kron Darkanvil
  • Lorgar Fireheart

Gold Dwarf Name Generator:

Gold dwarves are known for their opulence, their steadfastness, and their ruling presence in the southern reaches. Their names glimmer with the wealth of their realms, the richness of their culture, and their unwavering commitment to their communities.

  • Aurn Goldweaver
  • Dorn Goldmantle
  • Eldar Richvein
  • Glin Goldspinner
  • Haldor Goldhelm
  • Khorin Treasureheart
  • Marn Goldbeard
  • Naldin Luxforge
  • Orodin Gildfist
  • Parn Silvercoin

Shield Dwarf Name Generator:

Shield dwarves epitomize the warrior spirit of dwarfkind, with names that echo through the halls of their mountain fortresses. These names are a testament to their martial prowess, their dedication to protecting their kin, and their unyielding resolve in the face of adversity.

  • Balder Shieldarm
  • Eirik Ironshield
  • Galdur Wardson
  • Halstein Guardbearer
  • Ingar Fortitude
  • Jorund Blockade
  • Keld Shieldbiter
  • Norbert Wallforge
  • Sigurd Barrieraxe
  • Torfinn Bastionhelm

Dark Dwarf Name Generator:

Dark dwarves, mysterious and often misunderstood, dwell in the shadowy realms where few dare to tread. Their names are whispered in the dark, evoking their secretive nature, their mastery of the shadow arts, and their elusive alliances.

  • Bane Shadowforge
  • Drog Darkweaver
  • Gorim Nightaxe
  • Huldar Blackcloak
  • Kurg Shadowgrin
  • Malin Duskhelm
  • Norn Shadowend
  • Orin Darkbraid
  • Thuln Silentshade
  • Vrogar Gloombeard

Fantasy and Other Worlds:

a cinematic images that bring to life the essence of fantasy and other worlds, portraying enchanting landscapes and a variety of mythical creatures. These visuals invite you to explore realms beyond imagination.

Fantasy Dwarf Name Generator:

In the realms of fantasy, dwarves stand as stalwart defenders of their kingdoms, master craftsmen, and valiant warriors. Their names are woven with the magic of their worlds, reflecting their deep connection to the earth, their ancestral legacies, and their heroic deeds.

  • Aegir Runeborn
  • Bruni Mythhammer
  • Dvalin Lorecraft
  • Fili Spellforge
  • Gili Wizardbeard
  • Hepti Enchantarm
  • Ivari Magicrock
  • Kvasir Spellbinder
  • Lofi Charmaxe
  • Mimir Wizendbeard

Lord of the Rings Dwarf Name Generator:

In the epic world of Middle-earth, dwarf names carry the weight of history and the echoes of legend. They are a testament to their bearers’ valor, their deep-rooted friendships, and their quests for honor and treasure beneath the mountain shadows.

  • Balin Son of Fundin
  • Dori Brother of Nori
  • Fili Son of Kili
  • Gloin Son of Groin
  • Kili Son of Fili
  • Nori Brother of Dori
  • Oin Cousin of Gloin
  • Ori Brother of Dori
  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Thrain Son of Thror

Lotr Dwarf Name Generator:

The LOTR universe brings to life dwarves whose names are synonymous with bravery, kinship, and the pursuit of greatness. These names, steeped in the ancient lore of Middle-earth, inspire those who hear them with tales of courage, friendship, and epic journeys.

  • Bifur Cousin of Bofur
  • Bombur Brother of Bofur
  • Dis Daughter of Thrain
  • Dwalin Brother of Balin
  • Fundin Father of Balin
  • Groin Father of Gloin
  • Nain Son of Gror
  • Narvi Builder of the Doors
  • Thror King under the Mountain
  • Thráin II Son of Thror

Tolkien Dwarf Name Generator:

In Tolkien’s rich lore, dwarves are renowned for their craftsmanship, their strength in battle, and their profound sense of honor and loyalty. Their names resonate with the history of their people, the tales of their ancestors, and the deep bonds they share with the land and each other.

  • Azaghâl Lord of Belegost
  • Dáin Ironfoot
  • Frerin Brother of Thorin
  • Grór Brother of Thrór
  • Mîm the Petty-dwarf
  • Nar the Dwarf
  • Telchar the Smith
  • Thráin I Founder of Erebor
  • Thrór Grandfather of Thorin
  • Úlfur Blackbeard

Warhammer Dwarf Name Generator:

In the Warhammer universe, dwarves are fierce warriors and peerless artisans, fighting relentlessly against their foes. Their names are as formidable as their fortresses, embodying their unbreakable spirit, their martial prowess, and their legendary grudges.

  • Gotrek Gurnisson
  • Grombrindal The White Dwarf
  • Kazador Dragonslayer
  • Snorri Nosebiter
  • Thorek Ironbrow
  • Ungrim Ironfist
  • Malakai Makaisson
  • Grimnir the Fearless
  • Bugman of the Brewery
  • Kragg the Grim

Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Name Generator:

In the fantasy world of Warhammer, dwarf names echo the clang of hammer on anvil, the roar of battle, and the steadfastness of ancient mountains. These names are a testament to their bearers’ skill in battle, their ancestral pride, and their relentless pursuit of vengeance against age-old foes.

  • Alrik Ranulfsson
  • Belegar Ironhammer
  • Borri Silverfoot
  • Durgrim Redbeard
  • Furgil Iceblade
  • Halkenhaf Stonebeard
  • Imrik Dragonlord
  • Juggernaut Bristleback
  • Kurgan Ironbeard
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Pathfinder Dwarf Name Generator:

Pathfinder’s world brings dwarves to life with a focus on their rugged individualism, their deep-seated traditions, and their fierce determination. Their names reflect their personal quests, their bonds to the earth, and their unwavering resolve in the face of any challenge.

  • Agna Earthbound
  • Brond Ironfist
  • Drogan Oreheart
  • Farin Axemaster
  • Gorum Deepdelver
  • Harsk Pathfinder
  • Ironbloom Seeker
  • Jorrum Highforge
  • Krogar Stonelayer
  • Lunnar Forgepriest

Dragon Age Dwarf Name Generator:

In the Dragon Age universe, dwarves are known for their political intrigue, their mastery of commerce, and their prowess in battle. Their names are steeped in the history of their underground cities, reflecting their social status, their personal achievements, and their ambitions.

  • Bhelen Aeducan
  • Dagna Arcanist
  • Gorim Saelac
  • Harrowmont
  • Oghren Kondrat
  • Rica Brosca
  • Varric Tethras
  • Zevran Arainai
  • Orzammar
  • Endrin Aeducan

Norse Dwarf Name Generator:

Norse mythology introduces dwarves as master craftsmen, creators of gods’ greatest treasures. Their names often reflect their skills, their magical abilities, and their integral role in the myths. They are beings of power, mystery, and deep lore.

  • Andvari the Smith
  • Brokk the Forger
  • Dvalinn the Carver
  • Eitri the Craftsman
  • Fafnir the Dragon
  • Galar the Mute
  • Ivaldi the Elder
  • Sindri the Artisan
  • Thjazi the Strong
  • Volund the Smith

Disney Dwarf Name Generator:

In the Disney universe, dwarves are often seen through a lens of whimsy and wonder, bringing joy and laughter to tales of magic and adventure. Their names are iconic, reflecting their personalities, their roles in the stories, and their unforgettable contributions to the magic of Disney.

  • Bashful
  • Doc
  • Dopey
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Sneezy
  • Wheezy
  • Blabby
  • Jumpy

Discworld Dwarf Name Generator:

In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, dwarves are known for their wit, their mining expertise, and their unique cultural quirks. Their names often play on traditional fantasy tropes with a humorous twist, embodying their practicality, their sharp intellect, and their love for gold and ale.

  • Carrot Ironfoundersson
  • Cheery Littlebottom
  • Detritus (adopted)
  • Dorfl
  • Flint Ironstag
  • Rhys Rhysson
  • Stronginthearm
  • Albrecht Albrechtson
  • Bashfull Bashfullsson
  • Mad Hamish

Chaos Dwarf Name Generator:

In the darker corners of fantasy, Chaos dwarves blend the traditional dwarf archetype with the malevolent forces of chaos. Their names evoke their twisted nature, their allegiance to dark powers, and their relentless pursuit of domination and destruction.

  • Astragoth Ironhand
  • Ghorth the Cruel
  • Zhatan the Black
  • Drazhoath the Ashen
  • Skarlok Skullcrusher
  • Bhaal Fireborn
  • Grungni Grudgebearer
  • Malak Dreadaxe
  • Tauruk Flamebearer
  • Zorgar the Desecrator

Hobbit Dwarf Name Generator:

In the world of the Hobbit, dwarves embark on epic quests that test their courage, their friendship, and their determination. Their names carry the legacy of their ancestors, their hopes for their people’s future, and the indomitable spirit that drives them forward.

  • Balin
  • Dwalin
  • Fili
  • Kili
  • Oin
  • Gloin
  • Dori
  • Nori
  • Ori
  • Thorin

Shadowrun Dwarf Name Generator:

In the cyberpunk future of Shadowrun, dwarves combine their traditional attributes with high-tech expertise. Their names reflect their adaptability, their proficiency with both magic and machinery, and their crucial roles in the shadows of the urban sprawl.

  • Deckard Runejack
  • Grit Steelbyte
  • Hammerfist Dataknuckle
  • Ironside Matrixmender
  • Neon Shadowforge
  • Razor Mindgear
  • Steel Wireframe
  • Techlock Hackwrench
  • Volt Sparkfist
  • Wireblast Mainframe

Warcraft Dwarf Name Generator:

In the Warcraft universe, dwarves are key players in the saga of Azeroth, known for their bravery, their exploration, and their technological innovations. Their names reflect their heritage, their adventures, and their indomitable spirit in the face of the world’s many dangers.

  • Brann Bronzebeard
  • Falstad Wildhammer
  • Gelbin Mekkatorque
  • Kurdran Wildhammer
  • Magni Bronzebeard
  • Moira Thaurissan
  • Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Vanndar Stormpike
  • Yorg Stormheart
  • Zigris Stoutsnout


The cinematic image capturing a dwarf character set against a majestic mountain landscape has been created, reflecting the strength, resilience, and craftsmanship of dwarf culture. Explore this vivid portrayal and immerse yourself in the lore of their world.

Random Dwarf Name Generator:

The joy of randomly generated dwarf names is in the surprise and creativity they bring to your stories or games. These names blend traditional elements with unexpected twists, offering a fresh take on dwarf culture and identity.

  • Barundin Shadowbrew
  • Drog Firebelly
  • Fargrim Stonefist
  • Gurni Goldnose
  • Harbek Alebarrel
  • Ingvar Deepdig
  • Jorn Ironshoe
  • Kragg Halfbeard
  • Lunnar Gemfinder
  • Norin Quickaxe

Dwarf Fortress Dwarf Name Generator:

In the complex world of Dwarf Fortress, every dwarf’s name tells a story of their life, their labors, and their legacy within your fortress. These names reflect their skills, their personalities, and the unpredictable twists of fortress life.

  • Alath Craftword
  • Bembul Axeroom
  • Catten Brewmaster
  • Doren Shieldwright
  • Erush Nickpick
  • Fikod Limestoned
  • Geshud Plantgather
  • Kib Furnaceoperate
  • Logem Bookbind
  • Mafol Channelraft

Funny Dwarf Name Generator:

funny dwarf name can add a touch of humor and light-heartedness to any fantasy setting. These names play on words, puns, or quirky traits, bringing a smile and a chuckle to your adventures.

  • Aleslosh Brewbeard
  • Beardfizzle Shortale
  • Dinkle Ironfoot
  • Gigglefitz Hammerpants
  • Jollystomp Mudwhistle
  • Mirthquake Stoutgut
  • Pintsize Thunderkeg
  • Quaffdeep Alequencher
  • Snicker Snackhammer
  • Ticklebeard Gigglestone


  • Saves time over manually thinking up names
  • Provides fitting names for the dwarf archetype
  • Adds authenticity with linguistics based on real mythologies
  • Generates unlimited name ideas so you’ll never run out

Here’s an example dwarf name generated:

Balifrid Rockvein

This name uses alliterative “R” sounds and has a descriptive phrase relating to dwarven stonework.


  • Names may seem generic or not match personal naming tastes
  • Need to filter out awkward names with difficult spelling or pronunciation
  • Lacks deeper personal meaning compared to custom created names
  • Can only base names off existing linguistic rulesets

Tips to Consider:

  • Use the generator to spark ideas then customize names
  • Adjust settings like syllables and linguistics to match your world
  • Reroll several times until you find the perfect name
  • Try out names by saying them out loud to test pronunciability

Main Takeaways:

  • Dwarf name generators provide quick, fitting names based on old mythologies
  • Benefits include time savings and authentic linguistics, but lack personalization
  • Tweak settings to match your world and filter out unpronounceable names
  • Treat generated names as inspiration by customizing them further

Final Thoughts:

The Dwarf Name Generator is a useful tool for quickly bringing distinctive names into your fantasy world that fit the archetype. With some filtering to find the perfect name, and optionally customizing the names further, you can add authenticity and flair. So give your dwarf characters the epic names they deserve with a dwarf name generator!




What is a Dwarf Name Generator?

A Dwarf Name Generator is an online tool or resource designed to help you create unique and thematic names suitable for dwarf characters in fantasy games, stories, or role-playing scenarios. It uses specific algorithms or databases of names that reflect the traits and lore associated with dwarves.

How does the Dwarf Name Generator work?

The generator typically allows you to select from various criteria such as gender, clan affiliation, or specific traits to tailor the name. It then randomly combines syllables, prefixes, and suffixes related to dwarf lore to produce a name that fits your selections.

Can I use the names generated for any purpose?

Yes, the names generated can be used for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to, video games, tabletop RPGs, writing projects, or any other creative work where you need a dwarf character’s name.

Are the names from the Dwarf Name Generator unique?

While the generator strives to produce unique names by combining various elements, there’s always a slim chance of generating a name that someone else might have already used or created. However, the vast combinations available make it likely that you’ll get a unique and original name.

Is there a way to save the names I generate with the Dwarf Name Generator?

Most Dwarf Name Generators do not have a built-in save feature, so it’s recommended to copy and paste your favorite names into a document or note-taking app. However, some websites might offer a list or favorites feature where you can keep track of the names you like.

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