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The Only 191 + Cool Fishing Boat Names You’ll Ever Need

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Naming your fishing boat can be a fun and meaningful process. The name you choose will be a reflection of your personality, interests, and the purpose of your vessel. When brainstorming fishing boat names, consider names that are clever, descriptive, pay homage to loved ones, or reference pop culture.

The name of your fishing boat is one of the first things people will learn about you and your vessel. A well-chosen moniker can express the boat’s purpose and your passion for fishing. Some key factors to keep in mind when naming your boat include:

  • Reflecting your interests – Incorporate words related to fishing, your favorite fish species, fishing spots, etc. This personalizes the name.
  • Cleverness – A clever or punny name can showcase your sense of humor. Puns using fishing terms are very popular.
  • Meaningfulness – Consider naming your boat after a loved one or paying homage to someone influential in your life. This adds sentimental meaning.
  • Standing out – You want a unique name that will stand out from the crowd when hailing other boats.


Lets take a look at some of the Fishing Boat Names that you can use:

Fishing Boat Name Types:

A cinematic collage representing different types of fishing boat names. The image shows a variety of fishing boats, each with a unique name painted on

Fishing Boat Names:

Fishing boat names refer to names given specifically to boats used for fishing, rather than more general recreational boating. These names often incorporate fishing themes, terms, fish types, etc. Some examples include Gone Fishin’, Sea Nymph, and Reely Good Time.

  • Marlin Magic
  • Sole Provider
  • Red Snapper
  • Trout Scout
  • Bass Blaster
  • Tuna Tamer
  • Grouper Grabber
  • Flounder Finder
  • Striper Seeker
  • Mackerel Master

Funny Fishing Boat Names:

Funny fishing boat names add humor and personality to fishing vessels. They can poke fun at fishing stereotypes, use fishing puns, or just be silly names. Some funny ideas are Master Baiter, Reely?!, and Something’s Fishy.

  • Clam Jam
  • Gillty Pleasure
  • Abalone Ranger
  • Mussel Muscle
  • Oy-ster Boy
  • Crabby Patties
  • Salmon Ella
  • Hooked on Fonics

Cool Fishing Boat Names:

Cool fishing boat names give fishing boats stylish, trendy, and appealing names to match the excitement of fishing. Some examples are Gone Fishin’, Catchin’ Vibes, and Reel Deal.

  • Reel Steel
  • Tight Lines
  • Big Kahuna
  • Poseidon Adventure
  • Marlin Monroe
  • Fintastic Voyage
  • Scale & Ale
  • The best Catch

Best Fishing Boat Names:

The best fishing boat names are creative, memorable names that perfectly capture a boat’s fishing personality. Some great examples are Master Baiter, Bite Me, and Liquid Asset.

  • High Tides & Good Vibes
  • Saltwater Cowboy
  • Lucky Fin
  • Hook, Line & Sinker
  • Reely?!
  • Fish Whisperer
  • Tight Lines
  • Castin’ Catches

Good Fishing Boat Names:

Good fishing boat names effectively communicate that a boat is used for fishing while also being creative and memorable. Some examples are Reel Therapy, Finaddict, and Master Baiter.

  • Reely Good Catch
  • Net Worth
  • Poseidon’s Prize
  • Lucky Lure
  • High Tides & Good Times
  • Fintastic
  • Bait Mate
  • Lure Hound

Badass Fishing Boat Names:

Badass fishing boat names give tough, bold, edgy names to fishing boats to show confidence and power. Some ideas are Fear This, Bow Down, and Big Kahuna.

  • Mussel Muscle
  • Notorious F.I.S.H.
  • Codfather
  • Jaws Jr.
  • Hook, Line & Sinker
  • Barracuda
  • Marlin Monroe
  • Grouper Grabber

Small Fishing Boat Names:

Small fishing boat names are short, cute names fitting the compact size of small fishing boats. Some examples are Minnow, Little Dipper, and Teeny Weeny.

  • Guppy
  • Fry Fry Away
  • Baby Bass
  • Pint-Sized Poseidon
  • Little Nemo
  • Mini Marlin
  • Small Fry
  • Shorty

Clever Fishing Boat Names:

Clever fishing boat names ingeniously incorporate fishing themes in catchy, smart ways. Some examples are Knotty Buoy, Master Baiter, and Reely?!.

  • Gillty Pleasure
  • Something’s Fishy
  • Clam Jam
  • Oy-ster Boy
  • Crabby Patties
  • Hooked on Fonics
  • Salmon Ella

Sport Fishing Boat Names:

Sport fishing boat names convey excitement with names befitting boats used for competitive big game fishing. Some ideas are Trophy Hunter, Game On, and Reel Thrill.

  • Big League Fishing
  • Major League Fishing
  • Pro Angler
  • World Class Catch
  • Serious Angler
  • Record Breaker
  • Legendary Catch
  • Hall of Famer

Old Fishing Boat Names:

Old fishing boat names have a classic, traditional feel, using timeless names or old fashioned phrases. Some examples are Ol’ Salty, Seahorse, and Aye Aye Captain.

  • Barnacle Bill
  • Seahag
  • Poseidon’s Prize
  • Neptune’s Bounty
  • Salty Sea Dog
  • Captain Silver
  • First Mate
  • Ol’ Salt

Fishing Location Types:

A cinematic collage showcasing various types of fishing locations. The image includes scenes like a serene mountain lake with crystal-clear water

Saltwater Fishing Boat Names:

Saltwater fishing boats are designed for ocean fishing and targeting species like tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi. Their names often relate to ocean themes, big game fish, or destinations. Some examples are Sea Quest, Offshore Obsession, and Pacific Predator.

  • Marlin Magic
  • Dolphin Dancer
  • Tuna Terminator
  • Kingfish Conqueror
  • Sailfish Seeker
  • Wahoo Warrior
  • Dorado Destroyer
  • Swordfish Slayer
  • Bluefin Buster
  • Mahi Mauler

Dirty Fishing Boat Names:

Dirty fishing boat names play on risqué themes using fishing puns and innuendos. They add humor but some could be seen as inappropriate. Examples are Master Baiter, Clam Slam, and She Got The Hook Up.

  • Gillty Pleasure
  • Hook Her & Cook Her
  • Wet & Wild
  • Catch & Release
  • Bait Mate
  • Pole Dancer
  • Tight Lines
  • Great Catch
  • Good Rod
  • Nice Hook

Unique Fishing Boat Names:

a cinematic image showcasing a harbor scene with fishing boats, each featuring unique and creatively painted names. The atmosphere is vivid and engaging, capturing the lively dock scene and picturesque sunset.

Unique Fishing Boat Names:

Unique fishing boat names stand out from common names by being imaginative, witty, or incorporating distinctive fishing themes. Some examples are Reely?!, Finaddict, and Master Baiter.

  • Poseidon’s Prize
  • Reel Steel
  • Lucky Lure
  • Tight Lines
  • The best Catch
  • Fintastic
  • High Tides & Good Times
  • Bait Mate

Walleye Fishing Boat Names:

Walleye fishing boat names highlight the popular freshwater game fish as a defining feature. Some ideas are Walleye Warrior, Walleye Wrangler, and Walleye Whisperer.

  • Walleye Wizard
  • Walleye Watchman
  • Wally Wrecker
  • Walleye Wallhanger
  • Walleye Winners
  • Walley World
  • Wally’s Wallhangers
  • Walleye Wonder

Irish Fishing Boat Names:

Irish fishing boat names incorporate Irish themes like common Irish names, words, places or cultural references. Some examples are Irish Eyes, Dublin Bay, and Erin Go Fishin’.

  • Emerald Isle
  • Gaelic Trawler
  • Blarney Boat
  • Irish Rover
  • Celtic Catch
  • Dublin Charter
  • Irish Mist
  • Kelly’s Catch

Awesome Fishing Boat Names:

Awesome fishing boat names are exciting, adventurous names ideal for avid anglers. Some ideas are Legendary, Epic Catch, and Reel Awesome.

  • Awesome Angler
  • Epic Adventure
  • Legendary Catch
  • Monster Catch
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Reel Thriller
  • Great White
  • Marlin Mania

Great Fishing Boat Names:

Great fishing boat names perfectly capture the thrill, adventure and fun of fishing. Some examples are Lucky Catch, Good Times, and Reel Fun.

  • Good Times
  • High Tides
  • Reel Fun
  • Lucky Catch
  • Best Catch
  • Reel Adventure
  • Fintastic
  • Happy Hooker

Commercial Fishing Boat Names:

a cinematic image depicting a commercial fishing harbor at dawn, with large fishing boats displaying their bold and professional names, set against the backdrop of a bustling harbor scene.

Commercial Fishing Boat Names:

Commercial fishing boats are used by professional fishermen to catch large quantities of fish for sale. Their names often relate to big hauls, the open sea, or sea creatures. Some examples are Sea Harvester, Commercial Catcher, and Fishmonger.

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Saltwater Trapper
  • The Harvester
  • Professional Catch
  • Offshore Hauler
  • Open Seas Fisher
  • Commercial Catcher
  • Seafood Express

Bass Fishing Boat Names:

Bass fishing boat names highlight one of the most popular game fish targeted by recreational and tournament anglers. Some ideas are Bass Raider, Bucketmouth, and Largemouth Looter.

  • Bass Bandit
  • Bass Buster
  • Bass Blaster
  • Bass Bounty
  • Bass Brawler
  • Bass Banger
  • Bass Bruiser
  • Bass Barbarian

Famous Fishing Boat Names:

Famous fishing boat names give boats prestige by naming them after legendary vessels, captains, destinations or catches. Some examples are Perfect Storm, Old Man & the Sea, and Andrea Gail.

  • Big Tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Marlin Hunter
  • Hemingway’s Escape
  • The Perfect Catch
  • Legendary Catch
  • Famous Fisherman
  • Master Angler

Offshore Fishing Boat Names:

Offshore fishing boat names convey that a boat goes beyond coastal waters seeking big game species like tuna, billfish and mahi mahi. Some ideas are Blue Horizon, Pelagic Hunter, and Offshore Obsession.

  • Bluewater Drifter
  • Pelagic Wanderer
  • Offshore Explorer
  • Tuna Chaser
  • Dolphin Seeker
  • Billfish Stalker
  • Wahoo Warrior
  • Mahi Mauler

Other Fishing Boat Names:

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Biblical Fishing Boat Names:

Biblical fishing boat names draw inspiration from stories, people, or symbols in the Bible and Christianity. Some ideas are Ark of the Covenant, Jesus’ Disciples, and Noah’s Ark.

  • Garden of Eden
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den
  • parting the Red Sea
  • David & Goliath
  • The Promised Land
  • The Burning Bush
  • The Last Supper
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Prodigal Son

Salmon Fishing Boat Names:

Salmon fishing boat names pay homage to the popular sport fish with names like Salmon Slayer, Silver Bullet, and Chrome Chaser.

  • King Salmon
  • Coho Cruiser
  • Sockeye Seeker
  • Pink Pursuit
  • Silver Streak
  • Chrome Champ
  • Red Rocket
  • Salmon Scout
  • Chinook Charger
  • Steelhead Stalker


  • Makes your boat easy to identify over radio communication
  • Allows you to pay tribute to loved ones or fishing role models
  • Shows off your personality, wit, and passion for fishing
  • Helps brand your vessel if you charter fishing trips or enter tournaments
  • Can be a conversation starter when meeting other anglers


  • Fails to stand out from other common fishing boat names
  • Invites mockery if the name is overly silly or strange
  • Limits expression of your interests and individuality
  • Doesn’t reflect the purpose or spirit of your vessel
  • Forgets to honor influential people in your life

Tips to Consider:

  • Incorporate puns & humor – Puns using fishing terms tend to make fun boat names, like “Knotty Buoy” or “Pier Pressure.”
  • Describe the boat – Is your boat fast? Big? Old? Details like these can help create names like “Big Tuna” or “Rusty Hook.”
  • Reference pop culture – Show off another passion by naming your boat after a favorite movie character, musician, etc.
  • Use alliteration – Alliterative names using words that start with the same letter can make names more memorable.
  • Make it personal – Work details about your life into the name to give it special meaning.

Main Takeaways:

  • Fishing boat names should capture your passion, interests, loved ones, or sense of humor
  • Well-chosen names make boats identifiable, showcase personalities, and feel meaningful
  • Consider puns, descriptions, pop culture references, alliteration, or personal details when naming
  • Avoid names that are overly common or fail to reflect the spirit of you or your vessel

Follow these naming tips and criteria to develop the perfect, meaningful moniker for your fishing boat. A well-chosen name can enhance your connection to your vessel and foster great memories of fishing adventures for years to come.

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Final Thoughts:

Your fishing boat’s name will come up frequently – when hailing other captains, speaking with marina staff, or just reminiscing about fishing trips. Put care and thought into the naming process so the end result captures your interests, pays tribute to loved ones, or showcases your winning personality. The right fishing boat name can serve as a representation of each adventure had aboard your vessel.




How do I choose a unique fishing boat name?

Select a name that reflects your personality or the spirit of your fishing adventures, and check for uniqueness online.

Can I change my fishing boat's name?

Yes, you can. Follow maritime traditions, submit a request, and update official documentation.

Are there any superstitions related to fishing boat names?

Yes, some sailors believe changing a boat’s name can bring bad luck, but a renaming ceremony can counter it.

What are some popular fishing boat names?

Common choices include “Reel Obsession,” “Fishin’ Magic,” and “Waves of Fortune.”

How can I ensure my fishing boat name is memorable?

Choose a short, catchy name and consider adding personal touches to make it stand out.

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